Districts and Schools

Placer Hills Union School District

16505 Placer Hills Road  Meadow Vista, CA  95722
Phone:  (530) 878-2606  Fax: (530) 878-2663

Sierra Hills Elementary School
Weimar Hills Middle School

Board of Trustees
Bradshaw, Joyce Term Expires: 2018
Duer, Jeff Term Expires: 2016
Piper, Kim Term Expires: 2016
Schwartz, Jonathan Term Expires: 2016
Thomasson, Melody Term Expires: 2018
Uptain, Cindy Superintendent/Special Education Coordinator 530-878-2606
Business Services
Cremeen, Patty Payroll/Personnel Technician 530-878-4013
Forrest, Meegan Business Manager 530-878-2606
Gorges, Sue Accounts Payable Technician 530-878-4007
District Wide Services
Sandell, Birgit Speech and Language Pathologist 530-878-4047
Facilities & Maintenance
McWilliams, Kevin Maintenance Supervisor 530-878-4010
Office Staff
Griffiths, Robin Superintendent/Special Education Secretary 530-878-4006
Wing, Shea District Technologist 530-637-4121 Ext. 146